Brick Ledge Extension & 6” (152mm) Screw & Plastic Washer

Brick Ledge Extensions are used for supporting standard brick or stone veneer finishes, when constructing brick ledges at corners, and can be installed to meet any elevation change or slope.

End Cap

End Cap (with Fastening Strip) can be used to terminate a wall. It can also be used as a buck material for windows.

Height Adjuster & Height Adjuster Tie

The Height Adjuster (with Fastening Strip) combined with the Height Adjuster Tie can increase the height of a wall by 3” (75mm) increments. The Height Adjuster ties allow the foam panels to be connected together. Site assembly required.


FORM-LOCK is used to maintain wall straightness. Other uses include wall alignment for vertical stack joints. Each bundle has 100’ (30m) of FORM-LOCK.

Lintel cavity closure

The lintel cavity closure provides installers a product that provides insulation above and below the window to minimize thermal bridging. The Nudura Lintel Cavity Closure is available in a standard 2” (50mm) thickness.

4-way web connector

The 4-way web connector allows two or more insert webs to be connected together and used with the panel system to create wider form sizes. It also can be used to create forms of different shapes and sizes. Increased design flexibility.

Sistema de suspensão ICF

O Sistema de suspensão ICF está disponível tanto em placas planas standard como em placas de ângulo a 45 graus. Um sistema de ligação barato mas de fácil manuseamento.

Transition bracket

The transition bracket allows two different form widths to be connected together. Primary use is to create a ledge to support brick or a floor system.

Rebar clip

The rebar clip is designed to support horizontal rebar in the bottom web of the Nudura form, eliminating the need to tie wire or zip-tie the bar in place.

Vertical joint clip

The vertical joint clip is designed to connect the forms together at the vertical joints. It replaces having to tie wire or tape forms together while providing a solid connection using minimal amount of labor to install.

Hex head screw with steel flat washer

The #10 screw can be used to connect the Nudura Alignment System to the forms. Other uses include attachment of strapping or buck material to concrete. Available in 2” (50mm), 2 1⁄2” (64mm), and 3” (76mm) lengths. Two 1⁄4” (6mm) nut drivers included per pail.

10 piece bit kit

Ten piece kits include five 1⁄4” magnetic nutsetters which can be used with any of Nudura’s Hex Head Screws with Steel Flat Washers, as well as five #2 red square driver bits. The durable plastic case keeps all the bits together in one convenient spot and limits trying to find drivers bits on site during construction.


The V-Clip is used to connect a Nudura panel to a concrete floor. It allows the contractor to support the panel without additional materials used on the outside of the wall.

Easy buck

The easy buck is used for window and door jambs and allows nominal sized lumber to fit between the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panels. Primary uses are for doors and windows. Each bundle contains 100’ (30m) of Easy Buck.

Brick ties cast-in place (galvanized and stainless steel)

Cast-In place brick tie and pintle – Enables solid anchorage of veneer masonry through exterior foam to concrete core; tested to meet ASTM D754 (USA) and CSA-A370 (CAN) std. requirements for masonry anchors.

Surface mount brick ties (A) and pintle (B)

Designed to be fastened with two Nudura Hex head Screws anywhere on the Nudura fastening strip. This tie will accept Nudura Pintels and other smaller dimension pintels. tested to meet ASTM D754 (USA) and CSA-A370 (CAN) std. requirements for masonry anchors.

Fiber tape

Fiber tape is used to provide additional EPS support for field cut forms that have more than 4” (100mm) of EPS extending past the last web, brick ledge forms in corner conditions, and radius panels.

4” Protective Tape

The 4” (100mm) Protective Tape is used for covering the interlock at the top of a wall to prevent concrete from flowing into the interlock.

4” Heavy Duty Tape

The 4” (100mm) heavy duty tape is used for covering the interlock at the top of a wall to prevent concrete from flowing into the interlock.