Why the ICF system?

Innovation makes us the smarter building system in the market

The Nudura by Constreco system consists, among others, of concrete-filled blocks, providing a construction with excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Industry high-tech leading, technically proven, making construction faster and easier.

The Nudura by Constreco line offers exclusive Nudura innovation, allowing builders the ability to build and design structures with greater efficiency and profitability.





DURALOK Technology® Our patented Fastening Strip securely locks forms into place with a patented reversible triple tooth interlock eliminating float and compression and the need to wire forms. The DURALOK Technology® has embedded web/fastening strips that run the full 18-inch height of each and every web, ensuring the ICF forms do not compress during concrete placement and provide an industry-leading continuous fastening strip for finish materials.

DURAFOLD Technology® Our Patented Hinged Web allows Nudura ICF Products to be shipped flat, allowing for 40% more product on a truck compared to other ICF Form products.  Simply unfold and stack.




DURAMAX Technology® Nudura Standard Forms are the largest standard Insulated Concrete Form in the industry measuring 2438 x 457 mm allowing the placement of 1 square feet of the wall area in one building step. Building with DURAMAX Technology® results in faster installation times, less waste and a reduced amount of joints between blocks.

4-WAY REVERSIBLE System – The patented foam interlock allows the form to be 4 way reversible, almost eliminating waste.  Eliminates left and right corners which allow Nudura ICF Forms to be used in twice as many scenarios as no reversible forms.

Insulated Concrete Forms from Nudura provide design professionals, architects, homeowners, and contractors a more efficient way to build Insulated Concrete Form structures.