ICF, what is it?
ICF is a construction system that uses blocks of regular dimensions with walls made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) serving both as thermal insulation and as a formwork for concrete filling. Regarding to Nudura, the separation of the block walls is carried out using articulated plastic devices to reduce space in transport. They also serve to support the reinforced concrete structure and stiffen the system.

The ICF blocks are lightweight and can be easily transported and assembled by hand. The ICF blocks fit firmly together. After the blocks have been set, the reinforcement and concrete are poured. The concrete is poured into the walls to make load-bearing and resistant elements that constitute the main structure of the building. The interior and exterior sides of these walls accept any type of finishing and covering. The various stages of the construction process are carried out very quickly, obtaining standardised results with high mechanical, thermal and acoustic efficiency. There are no thermal bridges! ICF blocks are usually between 100 mm and 300 mm thick.