Builders and Developers

Build a better construction business

Today’s builders face a dynamic industry with tough market conditions. Consumers are demanding more sustainable and energy-efficient homes, while labor costs are rising, and energy code requirements are becoming increasingly strict. Rise to the challenge and maximize your ROI by building with Nudura by Constreco, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). The innovative new material is easier and faster to build, comparing with other systems, letting you save time and money.

Boost customer satisfaction and ratings with a safe, reliable, and sustainable home that will keep homeowners happy and comfortable for years to come. Flat packed and easy to ship, move, and install, Constreco ICFs also allows you to save costs during the construction process.



ICFs are quicker and easier to install. Take up less space on the job site, saving your labor and other expenses.


Energetic efficiency with advanced energy-efficient insulation that creates comfortable temperatures for occupants.


Building all year is possible with ICFs, even in below-freezing temperatures, so you never have to slow down the building site.